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Resistance Package Deal:

Entire Resistance Line (6x 60ml) & Resistance T-Shirt & Decal

 Resistance Line Flavors:

Bees Knees: Refreshing Lime Beverage

Bootlegger: Fruity Breakfast Cereal

Contraband: Green Apple on Ice

Obstruction: Tantalizing Tangerine Peach

Speak Easy: Tropical Fruit Candy

Temperance: Banana Cream Coconut

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Height: 13.00
Depth: 3.00

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5 Stars
Great deal

Excellent opportunity to stock up on premium ejuice and try different flavors for less than half of what local vape shop charges!

5 Stars
Resistance Package

You guys knocked it out of the park when it comes to these flavor offerings. I am a big fan of fruit and candy flavors, and have been trying to find the best for 6 years now. I have many favorites in the Resistance line in the following order: Obstruction (Tangerine/Peach) best I have found, Temperance (Banana Cream Coconut) exceptional, Bees Knees (Lime Beverage) best lime by far, Bootlegger (Fruity Breakfast Cereal) sweet, but not cloyingly so, Speak Easy (Tropical Fruit Candy) great papaya follow through, Contraband (Green Apple/Mint) I'm not a mint fan, but this is an excellent marriage of the two. If you like sweets and fruit, you will love these – a real winner!