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Perfection with delightfully sweet and slightly sour taste of fresh blackberries.




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5 Stars
Oregon Blackberry E-juice

Light, sweet but not cloying. Like a sherbet after a heavy meal. My all time Fave!

2 Stars

New to this flavor. Tho it’s apparently breaking me out in a rash. As well as everyone else. It’s the only thing that’s new around me and my family. Sadly I have to discontinue the blackberry. Doubtful a refund will happen.

5 Stars
Oregon Blackberry

A great, smooth vape. Not to sweet. I will Definitely be buying more in the future.

5 Stars
My new favorite juice

This juice is one of my all-time favorites. It tastes like blackberries. Not blackberry candy. Not blackberry-flavored things. Actual blackberries. It's a perfect mix of sweetness and tartness. It's delicious. I got a 30ml from my local and immediately ordered a 120ml. I've been vaping it 90% of the time since then and I'm still blown away by its awesomeness. If you like blackberries, buy this juice.

5 Stars
Oregon Blackberry

Love this vape. I will be ordering more in the near future. This is my 3rd bottle and it tastes exactly like a fresh blackberry.

5 Stars
Oregon Blackberry

I love this vape! I believe this is either my 3rd or 4th 120ml bottle; I simply have to keep it around. Great on its own, it also plays well with others, such as Vampire Blood for a blackberry/strawberry knockout punch. If it's berries you're after, you've gotta give this a try...

5 Stars
Love this flavor

Hands down best blackberry ejuice I've had! One of my top favorites of all time

5 Stars
I May Be Slightly Biased....but.....

I've tried several different berry flavors by Cloud9 and others, some very good, some not so much. I have to be honest and say that I live in Oregon and blackberry is my berry of choice hands down. Cloud9 has captured the taste I find more appealing than any other brand I have tried so far. Love it!

4 Stars
Always pleased with this company

This is the only vape juice I buy and I am always pleased with it I would definitely recommend this to anyone

5 Stars
Great Flavor and Happy Memories

I received a sampler bottle with my order of Nebula a while ago and needless to say: I was blown away. I'm now on my 2nd 120mL bottle. I had tried the Oregon Strawberry and although the flavor was outstanding, I found it a bit too sweet for my taste. The Oregon Blackberry is just the right blast of berry flavor with hint of sweetness, making it perfect for all day vaping. I will be honest, there are some nostalgia associations here - I spent many years in the NW picking blackberries along roadsides, hiking trails, parks, etc...