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All jokes aside, this is seriously a crazy burst of sweet melon candy!

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Depth: 1.25

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5 Stars

I love this flavor of the cloud nine products! One of the best I've ever had, out of any other retail products. no burn, no sore throte, and I just all around love this juice! I will buy it for the rest of my life! even if I don't vape any more just to get other people that do vape into this flavor! I love it I hope this flavor and brand stays this good forever! thank you guys, I appreciate your service and how fast you ship it out to me. I will buy this product and only this product for ever thank you so much, cloud nine has the best vape product in the country!

5 Stars

Really good one of my favs

5 Stars
You'll love it!

I have been trying out lots of c9 ejuice in the last year and the three best fruity flavors are: #1. Joker- if you like melon flavor this is the best, it's juicy and tangy. #2. Applelicious- it speaks for itself! For fans of Carmel Apples but it's more fruity than any other brand with a similar flavor.#3 Vampire Blood- the only strawberry juice worth having! So that's my two cents worth.

5 Stars

Wow! This one really tastes like melon candy.... Residual Taste left on tongue and lips. Super tasty.

5 Stars

I just recently tried this one. Very good fruit/melon flavors, also hard to pick out individual flavors. Definitely worth trying, I will be ordering more

5 Stars
Nothing subtle here

There are no "gentle notes of...." anything in here. This is smack you in the face watermelon candy flavor. Slightly more natural tasting than a hard candy but definitely still candy. If you dig that you'll dig this.