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All jokes aside, this is seriously a crazy burst of sweet melon candy!

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5 Stars

best juice ever all i use

5 Stars
Joker is not a joke!!

OMG! This is and will forever be my number one all day Vape!! It tastes precisely as described! The best way I can describe it is if you’ve ever had the sour patch watermelon candy slices. Minus the sour part. There is absolutely nothing sour about this. It will surely satisfy a sweet tooth. Hands-down a great and fantastic experience. The melon flavor very distinct, the sweetness also very distant. Also one of the smoothest vapes. Just as you finish a pull your mouth begins to water begging for another pull. Both on the inhale and exhale the flavor is amazing! Even with the 12 mg nic The melon and sweetness just plows through like a truck! I have gone through 60 mL of this in absolutely no time at all. From the very first pull I immediately ordered another 120 mL. If there was an AutoShip delivery option, I would just have this sent to me on a regular basis. I have mix this with another one of my other favorites Honor. Just being curious to see what it would taste like since I like both of them so much. WOW! It created one of the most tasteful and smoothest Vape’s you’ll ever experience. Cloud 9 you guys are amazing! Keep making stuff like this, and your competitors will have something to seriously worry about.

5 Stars

I love this flavor of the cloud nine products! One of the best I've ever had, out of any other retail products. no burn, no sore throte, and I just all around love this juice! I will buy it for the rest of my life! even if I don't vape any more just to get other people that do vape into this flavor! I love it I hope this flavor and brand stays this good forever! thank you guys, I appreciate your service and how fast you ship it out to me. I will buy this product and only this product for ever thank you so much, cloud nine has the best vape product in the country!

5 Stars

Really good one of my favs

5 Stars
You'll love it!

I have been trying out lots of c9 ejuice in the last year and the three best fruity flavors are: #1. Joker- if you like melon flavor this is the best, it's juicy and tangy. #2. Applelicious- it speaks for itself! For fans of Carmel Apples but it's more fruity than any other brand with a similar flavor.#3 Vampire Blood- the only strawberry juice worth having! So that's my two cents worth.

5 Stars

Wow! This one really tastes like melon candy.... Residual Taste left on tongue and lips. Super tasty.

5 Stars

I just recently tried this one. Very good fruit/melon flavors, also hard to pick out individual flavors. Definitely worth trying, I will be ordering more

5 Stars
Nothing subtle here

There are no "gentle notes of...." anything in here. This is smack you in the face watermelon candy flavor. Slightly more natural tasting than a hard candy but definitely still candy. If you dig that you'll dig this.