Demon Killer 8-1 Pre-Built Coils

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Demon Killer 8 in 1 coils Pre-built Wires Clapton Coil, Flat Twisted Coil, Mix Twisted Coils, Alien Coils, Tiger Coils, Hive Coils, Quad Coils and Fused Clapton Coils.

Each Box Contain, 48 pcs coil.  the list is:

6 pcs   Clapton coil    0.85ohm

6 pcs   Hive Coil        0.5ohm

6 pcs   Tiger Coil       0.36ohm

6 pcs   Quad Coil        0.36ohm

6 pcs   Flat Twisted Coil      0.36ohm

6 pcs   Mix Twisted Coil     0.45ohm

6 pcs   Fused Clapton Coil   0.45ohm

6 pcs   Alien Clapton Coil   0.45ohm

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