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A real treasure juicy pear infused with a creamy coconut and more!

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Width: 1.25
Height: 4.00
Depth: 1.25

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5 Stars

My go to when I cannot find something or get tired of things

4 Stars
I love this flavor...

This is my #1. However I did just get a bottle that the seal was broken on and it was really dark like it gets when it's old. It was unfortunate it really ruins the flavor when that happens. It also seems to ruin my coils faster. Shame.

5 Stars
Blackbeards booty

Best pear juice around, very pleased

5 Stars
Fantastic, try this now!

Very delicious. Tastes a little like pina colada. One of my all time favorites!

5 Stars

Great flavor! This one is a must try.

5 Stars
Good Flavor

I gambled about two years past and dived in. No regrets. I am way over 500mls. It’s creamy flavor can add depth to many other Cloud9 products. The customer service is AWESOME!

4 Stars
Blackbeards 130mg


5 Stars
Awesome Flavor

Smooth and very flavorful

5 Stars

Simply delicious

5 Stars

I have always wanted to try a pear flavor. I enjoy many coconut flavor profiles, and I am a fan of Cloud 9 all the way, so I had to get this. I was not disappointed!! It is absolutely unique and fresh and sweet and a little creamy at the same time. If you like the Pear Jelly Belly jellybeans you will love this! It is an ADV for me, and I only currently have 5 of those! I am picky, but this juice is delicious.