What is your most popular flavor?

Currently, Medusa Milk is our most popular blend and Vampire Blood is not far behind. We do have some exciting new flavors being introduced this year that may change this ranking.


 What ingredients are used in your E-Liquid?

Our ingredients contain USP Grade Propylene Glycol and USP Grade Glycerin along with a proprietary blend of USP Grade Natural and Artificial flavorings. All ingredients are FDA and FEMA approved food additives, and we use only the highest quality USP Grade Nicotine with a Certificate of Analysis. Our nicotine is tested and documented to be a minimum of 99% pure before our e-liquid is created in our USA facility.



Do you accept returns on e-Liquid?

Unfortunately, we are not able to accept returns on e-liquid that does not meet personal flavor expectations. Taste is a very subjective sense that will vary greatly from person to person. We highly recommend purchasing a Cloud9 sample pack to determine if Cloud9 E-liquid is a good match for your personal taste. In accordance with our strict Quality Control guidelines, returned e-liquid could never be re-used for any purpose, so will not be accepted.




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